Sun Seasons's


Harvested from one of the world's

oldest and most pristine

Tropical Rain Forest

Which can be traced back 130 million years ago. Sun Seasons wild-honey are collected from the original wild nectar plants mostly Eurycoma longifolia (a.k.a. Tongkat Ali), Orthosiphon staminus Benth, a medicinal herb Codonopsis, and other precious herbal plants and flowers. The wild bees are working all year long under the shinny sun around clock throughout the year on the unpolluted reserved rain forest.

Sun Seasons wild-honey product is

100% Guaranteed


Free of preservative


Free of artificial colors


Free of additives


Free of white sugar composition

Less Viscous

More Fragrance

The Differences

between wild honey and ordinary honey from bee keepers

  • Ordinary honey

    is more viscous, sweet and relatively has heavier smell of flowers, if consume directly larger amount, many people would feel choke, too sweet to the uncomfortable throat feeling.

  • Wild honey

    looks relatively less viscous, not very sweet, but has stronger of mix fragrance of various flowers.

Tropical Royal Jelly

Apis Dorsata Giant Bee

Bumble Bee Wild Honey